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Serving Texas and New Mexico

Providing Effective Erosion Control Solutions for Texas Residents

Erosion Control
If you agonize over terms such as SWPPP and TPDES, you’re not alone. 4D Construction is an erosion control company that can provide you with expert help to comply with any permits that may be required for your land development project. For roadside construction in the Lone Star State, the Texas Transportation Institute and Sediment and Erosion Control Laboratory researches and tests solutions for preventing water body contamination. Products that meet performance standards can then be included in the state agency’s Approved Products List. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality follows the EPA’s lead in providing rules for how to comply with acts of Congress relating to preventing water pollution.

Benefits of Implementing Best Management Practices

  • Clean Water for Everyone – One of the main reasons that BMPs and the APL exist is to protect drinking water sources. Before such regulations were in place, persons could dispose of hazardous substances into lakes, rivers, creeks, wells and oceans with no penalty or repercussions. Those actions resulted in widespread human sickness and death. Soil washing off a construction site can also end up contaminating drinking water. Therefore, agencies are in place to educate about and enforce environmental protection measures to mitigate such risks to human health.
  • Protect Vulnerable Fauna – Fish and other aquatic organisms rely on clean water to live. Urbanization has resulted in hydromodification, which historically created faster-flowing streams with greater pollutant concentrations and higher water temperatures. Such factors can make it impossible for fish to breathe and even result in species extinction.
  • Avoid Hefty Fines – Depending on the violation, penalties for noncompliance can reach into the millions of dollars.

Also Serving New Mexico

We’re based in Texas but can also help you with site clearing and erosion management in New Mexico. Feel free to call us for more information. You can reach us at 806-626-0224.